Rajesh Hamal is the only Super star in Nepali film industry. He is considered as a superstar because of his stardom. Every movie he features in becomes a sure hit and rates the box office. He is not only a veteran actor but is probably one of the most educated actors in the Nepali film industry. He is known for is good behaviour and a stylish personality.The name, Rajesh Hamal is enough to excite the concerns and the interests of Nepali movie viewers. As an old saying goes, whether you love him or hate him, you cannot ignore him. He is the longest standing superstar of his generation, and among the three actors, who are regarded as the better of the best; the other two being, Shiva Shrestha and Bhuwan K.C.
It is my pleasure to write about him, because there is no denying that he is my favorite Nepali actor. Some people are born superstars, and some have to work hard to achieve that status. Rajesh Hamal is an exception, in that, he was born a superstar and with his hard work, he has maintained his position in the Nepali film industry. It is not my love for the actor that I mention this, but even people, who do not think that he is a good enough actor, agree that he has an aura that is undeniable. Many people are impressed with his personality; he is well spoken, kind, and social minded. On top of that he is also well educated; he is one of the very few actors in Nepal, who have completed a Masters degree. He has a Masters degree in English Literature from the Punjab University, India. This adds to the conception that he is an extraordinary actor, with good knowledge of the world.
Rajesh Hamal was born on June 9, 1964 in Tansen, Nepal. He studied at St. Xavier School till the eighth grade. He partly went to college in Moscow and finished his M.A. in English from Punjab University, India. Even though he has Masters in English, he hardly or reclines from talking in English preferring his native tongue Nepali, during his interviews. His first movie was Yug Dekhi Yug Samma in 1990, a film made by his uncle. Till date he has worked in over 177 Nepali films and one Pakistani movie.
The movie Deuta in the year 1994 was Hamal’s ticket to super stardom. Since then he has never looked back.Hamal started his film career with Deepak Rayamajhi’s Yug Dekhi Yug Samma in 1994. His pair in the movie was Kristi Mainali, with whom he has worked in many films. Similarly, in the later years his pairing with Karishma Manandhar and Niruta Singh has received great response from the audience. Allare, Basanti and Saathi with Karishma Manandhar were great hits for Hamal, and Siundo ko Sindoor and Kartavya are his films with Niruta Singh.

It is essential to mention that Hamal has been a favorite of movie makers, ever since he started his career. There are a very few films without him in the movie, somewhere and sometime, even if it is just a cameo. He is sellable, which is one of the reasons, why film directors and producers want him in a movie. However, it has been sixteen years of film history for Hamal, and he is still going strong. Some of his new ventures are Dus Gaja and Dharma; there has been a surge of new actors in Nepali films, but Hamal is still the biggest Superstar. Not only am I saying this, but you can read his interviews and see him on television quite often, which proves his persona and charm. Born in 1964, the actor is nearly fifty years old, but when he is on the screen, all eyes are on him.

Rajesh Hamal is always asked about his marriage plans and as a smooth talker as he is he always answers that he doesn’t feel that he is in a marriageable age. He feels quite comfortable being single, he says and well, we believe him. He may be aging but with the charm he has, he is doing a lot of girls a favor by staying single. However, a big part of him being single can be his long past relation. He fell in love when he was 17 with a 22 years old Indian girl. The serious relation lasted for three years. Later, her parents married her off to someone else. And the gentleman he is, he still doesn’t mention his ex-girlfriend as he thinks that he would be shaming her by reminiscing about their past affair. He sure is a man in true words.

Rajesh Hamal has been the critiques favorite for not changing his looks as for the need of his character. He even played the character of a police officer with long hairs. His long hair is his unique trademark, and no matter what the character demands, people love him in his long hair. He is obviously one of the most popular and loved actor in the Nepali film fraternity. He is a hit in himself, a brand name. Thus, every movie he plays is definite to hit the charts and become a hit.

Some of his prominent works include, Sadak, Basanti, Siudo ko Sindoor, Aprad, Kasam, Dhukdhuki, Khandan, Aashirbad, Maili, Sathi, Jeevan Sangarsha etc. The list goes on and on. The star he is, there is no ending to the list of movies he has done. After so many years of working as an actor in this industry, he is planning to do some multitasking. He is planning to get into the movie-making business in dual roles as director and Actor. After all the love and knowledge he has gained from the fraternity, it is his duty to give something back as well. We hope that he proves to be as much good a director as he has been an actor. It is for sure that many will be waiting eagerly for his movie as a debutant director.

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