Tripti Nadakar back to movieagain

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Tripti Nadakar is back to the industry, after she left for India to take care of her family in the mid 1990s. It is the love of the viewers that has pulled her back to the industry, as she loves to say. The love of the audience is well evident, in the fact that she has been well received, after coming back in the mid 2000s.

She started her career with Samjhana, opposite Bhuwan K.C. in 1983. She paired with him in two other, Kusume Rumal and Saino. It is not a new thing to talk about their chemistry. Right from the first one, the other two movies were received well by the audience, because of the pairs one screen romance and presence.

In Samjhana, she had to play a double, as the lover/wife and the daughter of Bhuwan K.C.; Tripti has done justice to both the roles. In spite of her being an Indian, she won the hearts of her audience by portraying herself, as a young village belle in Samjhana.

In Kusume Rumal, she could not be together with Bhuwan K.C., as his role required him to be a lone lover. The song, Kusume Rumal… does portray their unsaid and immaterialized love. Her next, Saino was also well received, and so was Lahure. In Lahure she plays a single unmarried mother of a Lahure(soldier), as her lover dies before being able to marry her. From a young, innocent girl to a woman of forty years old, Tripti has done justice to the roles.Lahure, along with Koseli showcased her versatility as an actor to the audience. It is also good to mention that most of her films were made by Tulsi Ghimire, except for Samjhana.

After doing Koseli in 1992, she went back to India to settle down; after taking care of her family for years, she was back with Aamko Kakh in 2004. She has done a few ones after that, and she even won the award of the best supporting actor female for Aamako Kakh, in the National Film awards 2067. An interesting thing about Tripti is that she was paired with Bhuwn K.C. in her earlier days, and nowadays she is being paired with another Superstar actor, Rajesh Hamal. She is no longer the lead actress, as many young actresses have arrived in the scene, but the audience is glad that she has returned to her second home.

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